Wave Vadeal Announcement

9th October 2020


Wave Esports is thrilled to announce the signing of Alexander “Vadeal” Schlik.
This is the first step of rebuilding our successful Fortnite line-up.
Vadeal shows the perfect player profile for our mission in developing upcoming talent and enabling their full potential, he is one of the few new faces that have risen to the top in 2020 and gained an incredible list of achievements in that timespan.
With two 1st places in cash cups, 3rd place in FNCS Heats followed by a top 13 in the finals.
He has also been slaying it in the preparation for the upcoming Trio FNCS and we are confident that he will be successful in yet another final.
What convinced us on top of his performance is the motivation to work on his content as well as develop his own brand.
So make sure to follow his social media accounts below and support him in the upcoming tournaments 🌊