26th March 2020


We look back at yet another very successful Fortnite season for Wave Esports.
Steelix managed to win the last Dreamhack event in January and Vadeal finished second place.
Besides that, our German shooting star also claimed two more Cash Cup wins and a third place in the Chapter 2 Season 5 FNCS.
The main event was won by the Trio of none other than JannisZ and marks the end of an era that was symbolic for Wave’s rise to the top of the European Fortnite scene.


On the 22nd of March, we had to say goodbye to ‘Jannis “JannisZ” Matwin’.
As one of our first academy players, he stands for everything that our organisation believes in.
We are proud of having developed an outstanding player that also shows greatness outside of the game.
Through hard work and passion, he was able to become one of the best players in the world with countless tournament wins, most notably two Fortnite Champion Series.


Furthermore, we are saying goodbye to Advise, Wraxx, Kartun and Zandy.
This is part of a restructuring process in our Fortnite roster.
These players have grown significantly over the past few months with us but weren’t the right fit for our pro roster at this time.


On the other hand, we have decided to give ‘Francisco “Kikoo” Campos de Oliveira’ the chance to make the next step in his career by joining our pro roster.
He is the 5th player that has made the jump from academy to professional player in Wave Esports and we are excited for the future with him.

Kikoo finished 10th place in the FNCS Finals and has a rapidly growing fanbase.

You can check out his socials here:






Stay tuned for new player announcements!


Finally, we want to share a team highlight video from the previous season, powered by Logitech G.
Thanks for your support and don’t forget to check out our new jersey in the shop.