Season 3 Recap

25th August 2020


Wave has entered the Italian scene! With big joy, one month ago we announced our newest signing Steelix as a professional player. Another welcomed addition to our team is the Polish player Advise and the German player Kartun. After recent signing with Wave, our new players have already proven their competitive abilities.


For the recent Solo FNCS, we had outstanding results in the qualifiers & heats. From our pro roster, all 6 of our players ended up making it to the heats and 6 of our 7 players from the academy did the same.
Later on, a total of 7 players qualified to the $500,000 FNCS Grand Finals on the 16th of August. Our best performers were Steelix and Advise placing 27th and 28th place respectively. One week later, JannisZ continued to dominate solos and secured himself $7,400 by placing 3rd place in the Dreamhack August Finals.


Alongside the FNCS, we hosted our 3rd #WaveRC. A recruitment challenge for a spot in our academy roster, which was won by the Czech player Wraxx.
With him we successfully completed our current academy roster, which is a very important part of our Fortnite operations.
As pioneers in this field, we are very proud to see great results. Three players (JannisZ, Styler, Maestro) already made the transition into our professional roster from academy.


Thanks to our ambitious players, we managed to defend the number one spot in the European Power Rankings since the beginning of 2020. The good results have translated into rapid growth in our fanbase and made us break one milestone after another. Thank you so much for your continious support!