Phase 2

20th May 2020


A new chapter for our organization begins. Over the past year we have established ourselves as one of the best/most consistent teams in Fortnite , we are currently occupying the #1 spot on the power rankings in Europe which is considered by many to be the hardest region.


We at Wave feel like now is the right time for us to expand into new competitive titles (more information soon)! It is very long overdue but we have finally been able to put our website online and will soon add some new features such as our online shop where team merch will be available!


At this point in time, we believe that an extra logo would be fitting on our team jerseys, with that being said we are looking into sponsoring partners for our expansion!


Last but not least we would like to welcome Luuu as part of our management team! He has been a part of Wave for almost a year as a Fortnite player and now will make a transition into our management , we are more than excited to provide this opportunity for him! His incredible work ethic has contributed to much of his success as a player and would now like to utilize this in the management sphere and propel Wave Esports to the top!