Introducing Wave Valorant

21st June 2020


Without a doubt Valorant has proven to be a serious contender for one of the top esports titles.


Since the beginning of Valorant’s closed beta on the 7th of April 2020, we kept our eyes on the competitive scene and are happy to be one of the first organisations in Europe to sign a pro team.


The 21st June 2020 marks the day where the roster formerly known as UnleashEU, consisting of Nuggison, Bleeshh, Murii and Rebounter, guided by their coach Balu will join Wave Esports! They have been on top of the German scene and with our support will also be one of the top teams in the European scene.


Their first big chance to prove themselves as one of the best will be the €2,000 Wave Invitational on June 23rd and June 24th.



“We are very excited to be able to join an organisation at such an early stage in the scene, the support will certainly allow us to show our full potential to the whole community and we can’t wait to prove ourselves in the upcoming competitions, while representing Wave!” – Coach Balu.


Please welcome them to our family and support them in the upcoming tournaments! #unleashthewave #wavecheck