Fortnite Season 4 Recap

30th November 2020


When it comes to competitive Fortnite, Chapter 2 Season 4 has been incredibly successful for Wave.

At the start of the season, Advise was promoted from the academy to our pro roster and we also signed Vadeal, who has since then had unmatched results.

In that short period of time, Vadeal had won 3 cash cups and was also victorious in the Dreamhack November duo tournament.

On top of that, Vadeal achieved 2nd place in the most difficult heat, heat 1 of Trio FNCS. In the other heats both Steelix & JannisZ took the first place.

In total 6 of the 9 players that participated in the heats also made it to the finals with JannisZ continuing his consistent performance and taking 2nd place.

Later on, JannisZ managed to get revenge against his former duo partner Tayson and secure first place in the Encore cup.


To finish this season, we put together a highlight video with some of the best plays from our players, check it out!