FNCS Champion & Roster Changes

29th May 2020


Sunday, the 24th of May 2020 marks the most successful day in our young history.
JannisZ was able to secure first place in Europe’s biggest solo tournament since the World Cup, the FNCS Invitational and take home $120.000 in prize money.


We are especially proud as Jannis has been on our roster since joining the academy roster ten months ago. Over that time he has been constantly evolving and growing to become one of Europe’s best players! The outstanding progress made him become the figurehead in our Fortnite roster. We are happy to announce that we are re-signing him to bring home more trophies in the future.


We are also proud of the rest of our pro team as we are the only organisation that qualified with five players to the grand finals. Flikk secured himself an impressive 6th place and $40.000 in winnings, followed by Styler at 27th place, Maestro at 39th place and Fray at 47th place.


Not only did Maestro impress us all with his recent performance in-game, but he has also been busy with growing his stream on Twitch, which is why he will be the third player to make the jump from our academy to the professional team.


In order to give new faces a chance in the Wave Academy, we had to say goodbye to three loyal players who always represented us to the best of their abilities.

Thank you Raptey, Leonflares and Nudelkongen.


With that being said, we could not miss out on Austria’s biggest talent of 2020, Tacky.
He will be joining the academy team, alongside ETQ and Swag, two Danish players who have shown great potential to make it to the very top!


Our Fortnite line-up will be complete with the german streamer WeisseMoehre and his loyal community!


Watch out for us as we will stay on top for the other half of this year! #wavecheck