On the 30th of March we announced our professional “Brawl Stars” roster. This is our first step into new Esports Titles after Fortnite , as the mobile gaming scene is a rapidly growing market and “Brawl Stars” has the foundation to maintain itself as a top Esports title due to its very supportive Developers (Supercell)!


It’s an easy to learn third person shooter/objective game with a very high skill ceiling, that allows a plethora of opportunities to outplay your opponent.


The roster we have signed consists of @Anubis_BS




formerly known as Toxiq Esports.


They are veterans in the scene who have been playing “Brawl Stars” since open beta and have established themselves as the best German team, they are also one of the top teams that will be competing in the upcoming 1,5 million dollar World Cup, where we will do our best to support them on their path to success! You can watch the video also on our Wave Brawlstar Twitter.