Apparel Drop 01

28th November 2020


Hello guys, tomorrow (29.11.2020, 14:00 CET) we will open our shop for the first time and we are excited to give you some further info on the apparel drop 01 in this post.


First of all, we apologise for the delay. Setting up our own production chain has taken longer than expected, but it was necessary to ensure the highest possible quality when it comes to our products. We wanted to keep production in-house and maintain control over each step of the process. Everything we are going to share with you tomorrow is made from scratch, from hand picking the fabrics, designing the cuts and fits to sewing everything together into one final piece. From the start, our plan was to not go for the standard E-Sports merch, instead, we have created a lifestyle apparel that looks and feels like a premium brand but for more affordable prices.


You will be able to choose from three different premium products:

Wave Hoodie (100% cotton), Long sleeve & T-Shirt (95% cotton, 5% elastane). Our cut for this drop is oversized, so keep that in mind when making your order and pay attention to the size charts.


This drop will be limited edition and because it’s our first drop we went for a low number of total items. We expect to sell out pretty quickly so don’t hesitate too long when thinking about your order.


Thanks for the support and make sure to send us some pictures from your purchase!