Announcing WAVE JannisZ & WAVE Noahreyli

20th April 2022

The return of WAVE’s most famous youth project, Jannis “JannisZ” Matwin, is to be believed the first of many big announcements for the year 2022. Since the beginning, talent scouting and development have been a top priority for WAVE Esports. JannisZ was scouted in 2019 as one of the first academy players and soon after seeing the first improvements, got promoted to the Fortnite Pro Roster. The investment and consistent development of the player got rewarded in May 2020 as JannisZ won his first big tournament, the Solo FNCS Invitational ($120,000). Followed by many top placements he struck again and took first place in March 2021’s TRIO FNCS ($100,000). As a result of his accomplishments, other organizations showed a large interest in JannisZ and he ended up leaving WAVE for David Beckhams’s Esports Organisation GUILD Esports. Nearly a year later WAVE can welcome their “home-grown” player back and will continue to help him develop even further.

“I’m happy to be back, WAVE is like a family to me!” said JannisZ.

WAVE also gives a warm welcome to yet another world-class addition to their Fortnite Pro Roster, the Swiss prodigy Noah “Noahreyli” Rey. Thanks to his personal commitment to the game, the young talent earned the reputation of being one of the best mechanical players in the game. Furthermore, he was able to win 10 Cash Cups and 1 Dreamhack Finals so far. At the beginning of 2021, Noahreyli made his first big breakthrough when joining Become Legends, another Fortnite Organization based in Norway. After announcing his free agency in March 2022, he quickly gained the interest of many top organizations in Europe but decided on joining WAVE.

“I’m excited to join WAVE and looking forward to our future plans together. It’s nice to be in the same organization as some of my friends that I got to know through the Fortnite scene!” said Noahreyli.

The two new signings are no stranger to WAVE’s fan-favorite Alexander “Vadeal” Schlik. Together as a Trio, they have managed to reach 4th place in the FNCS Grand Royale ($180,000), the largest tournament of 2021. Vadeal (1,300,399), JannisZ (1,142,622) and Noahreyli (1,459,101), have a total reach of 3,902,122 Followers across all social media platforms and a dedicated community who follows their Twitch streams, YouTube videos and social media posts on a daily basis.

“The signing of JannisZ and Noahreyli was an opportunity we couldn’t pass on. Our three professional Fortnite players with almost 4 million combined followers offer unique partnership opportunities for any brand that is willing to reach GenZ in an authentic way. An important factor was that they are also close friends outside of the game, which helps our plans of bringing them together for many content projects and events this year. After reaching the highest social media engagements out of any organization in the German region in 2021, we decided to double down on our strength and further push for the growth of our Fortnite community“ said Ludwig Kainz, Chief Operating Officer of Wave Esports.