1 Year Anniversary

7th July 2020


What a year it has been! When we signed our first pros (Luuu90 & Coffeh), none of us would have thought that we could create a community filled with such relentless support for Wave and our players. At the end of the day this dream of ours is only possible because you guys push us to become even better and for that everyone at Wave Esports wants to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! #wavecheck

This past year has been a wild ride for competitive Fortnite but we have managed to weather the storm and find success like no other team has before, when we envisioned Wave in 2019 one of our biggest goals was to create an Academy that can develop young talents and create an environment where players can grow individually in competitive, social media and personality wise! Fortunately enough, our Academy has been a huge success so far, with JannisZ, Styler and Maestro paving the way for more talent to have an opportunity and create a career in Fortnite! 


All three of these players have gone to become top tier players in Europe and experienced incredible competitive success, but by far the greatest achievement for us is that JannisZ is still able to call Wave Esports home after winning the FNCS Solo Invitational and securing $120,000!

With the growth that we experienced in Fortnite the past year, we are confident in our abilities as an Organisation to create rosters that dominate their Esports Title respectively! Our next step is going to be Valorant where we have already signed a four man roster and are actively scouting for upcoming talents. Riot Games has already shown that they are creating a grassroots driven premier Esports scene with their “Ignition Series”. Our Goal for the upcoming year is to find and develop new Valorant talent and create a legacy for fans to lookup to! 

Once again we thank every single one of you that has supported us thus far and we are sure our family will grow larger everyday and hope that we can create as many if not more amazing memories than we did in 2019/2020!


Check out our Anniversary video below!