Why Wave Esports?

The name was chosen by “Annomax” who is the initiator behind the whole project.

His inspiration came from light, sound, and electromagnetic waves. The water theme came later and just felt fitting visually.


Can I join Wave?

Probably the most asked question we hear all the time!

While we appreciate your passion for playing under Wave, there are too many of you reaching out to us, and we can’t look into everyone individually.

Instead, we will offer you recruitment challenges #WaveRC from time to time. Other than that, we prefer to approach the players that we want to work with.


How do you select your players?

We see it as our mission to help ambitious talents reach the next step in their career. To find these players, we look into recent performance and social media growth.

Another factor is a professional mindset and the hunger to succeed. In the end, you also have to fit to us and our values.


What are your values?

Quality – We try to always put our best efforts into whatever we do.

Passion – You can not be successful in esports without the dedication to do things better than your competition.

Positivity – Good vibes are necessary to maintain a happy relationship with our players and fans.


Will you move into other titles?

We are very happy with Fortnite and Valorant as our main focus.

Besides that, we will continue to keep an eye out on mobile esports. Our plan is to count on trendy games that show longevity and grow with those scenes, but we are waiting for the right opportunity.


How to support us?

By following, sharing, and interacting with our social media channels, you can help us grow. It’s even better if you do the same for our players and partners.

On top of that, you can directly support us by buying items from our shop.


Thank you so much to every single fan out there. We truly appreciate you! #wavecheck 🌊